DIYRockets is a global space company helping humanity establish a civilization in space by building an open space frontier. 

Our mission is to lower the cost of space exploration as much as possible by generating extremely low-cost knowledge and technology through open sourcing and crowdsourcing. We believe in harnessing the talent and resources of all to build a democratized space industry.

We hope that you will join us!​

Our Team

Darlene Damm, Founder

Darlene Damm founded DIYRockets to ensure that every person has the opportunity to explore the space frontier and to direct human potential toward discovering the origins of the universe.  She has over ten years of experience building environments that unlock the entrepreneurial power of individuals and communities to bring about profound social innovation. She implemented a unique fundraising system for Ashoka, mobilizing 300 staff in 30 countries to jointly fundraise $40 million per year to solve complex social problems. She also launched Asia Society Young Professionals, two service-learning programs for youth in Vietnam and Myanmar, and multiple cross-cultural education programs for Stanford University/VIA.  She was a Fellow with US-Japan Community Education and Exchange, received her bachelor's degree in History from Stanford University, her master's degree in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins SAIS and studied at the Singularity University in the Silicon Valley. You can contact Darlene at

Diego Favarolo, Founder

"We live on the planet earth not because we like it. It is just because until now we do not have any alternatives. " Diego Favarolo founded DIYRockets to act on his belief that humans can be living in outerspace.   Diego has over ten years of experience in entrepreneurship, building online industries and applying technology to benefit humanity. He founded the largest job search engine in Latin America when he was 18 years old helping millions of people to find jobs in Latin America. He sold the company to Telefonica de Espana in 2005.  At the age of 24 he founded Nautor Pharma, a technology company that develops new solutions for disinfection and water purification with offices in six countries. Diego studied Economics at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires and at Singularity University in the Silicon Valley. The IPADE (Mexico) published a case study about Diego in the field of innovation.​ You can contact Diego at

Lucy K. Williams, Director of the Open Space University

Lucy Williams has worked at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Institute for Defense Analyses, and Booz Allen Hamilton.  She is a former Naval Officer with a BS in Biochemistry, a MS in Physiology, and is currently working on a MS in Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins. She minored in German, speaks elementary Arabic, and beginning Spanish. Lucy's personal interests include, but are not limited to: autodidacticism, university libraries, crowdsourcing, space, mobile (health, education, work), ICT4D, tutoring/mentoring/education, reproductive education, social entrepreneurship, smart power, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, bioethics, music, learning new languages, different cultures, travel, poetry, writing, piano, flute, sax, and astronomy. You can contact Lucy at

Tim Pickens, Advisor

Tim Pickens is an inventor, entrepreneur, innovator, engineer and educator. His business, Pickens Innovations, specializes in commercial space, technical product development and solutions, and business consulting. He most recently served as Commercial Space Advisor and Chief Propulsion Engineer for Huntsville, Alabama-based Dynetics and is currently providing services to technology companies such as Dynetics. Tim founded Orion Propulsion, a Huntsville aerospace company, in 2004 and sold it to Dynetics in 2009 after growing it to a 40-employee, $6.4 million business. Within five years, Orion had received multiple Small Business awards and become AS9100 certified to build man-rated flight hardware. Before founding Orion, Tim worked for small hardware-rich aerospace companies in Huntsville, as well as serving as lead propulsion engineer for Scaled Composites on SpaceShipOne, winner of the $10 million Ansari X Prize. Tim’s hobbies include building things - like rocket-powered vehicles - in his Man Cave.  He led multiple amateur rocket design efforts in his garage for community service and recreational clubs and worked as an independent aerospace consultant at night and on weekends. He had a long-time interest in studying applied engineering and science, but the desire to own and operate a space company would drive him to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Dillon Hawley, Research Assistant

Dllon Hawley is a senior at the University of Michigan studying aerospace engineering. He helped start the first Flugtag team at the university, as well as created an elementary flight management system to model domestic flights. He is familiar with Spanish, C++, as well as matlab. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast as well as part of the farm to table movement. He enjoys hiking, kayaking and fishing the boundary waters of Minnesota.

A special thank you to Sean Casey, Lilia Tamm, William Colburn, Robin Bose, Reyes Barboza, Kritika Yegnashankaran, Sushmita Ghosh, Chris Damm, Casey Barker, Homer Hickam, Karen Bhatia, Sara Lee Schupf, Bob Feretich, Karen Stafford, Terrence Hsiung.